Begs For Dirty Pictures Of You While On Tour

Harry: “Baby… send me pictures of you!” Harry texts anxiously and you sigh. You’re nervous about sending him photos of yourself because it’s something you’ve never done before. Pulling off your clothes you pull on one of his plaid button downs and his favorite pair of blue knickers, leaving the shirt unbuttoned to show off the curve of your breasts. “We’re skyping tonight… wear that and nothing else” he responds simply and you chuckle.

It’s only a week into tour and he already wants new pictures of you. You always send him off with a few but he’s obviously been spoiled. Pictures aren’t the safest thing to send Lou so you promise him a strip tease Skype date that night.

You were surprised when Liam asked for photos of you over one of your nightly Skype dates. You ask him to pick out what he wants you to wear in them, smirking when you see him blush as he responds. You pull out the red and white baseball t-shirt while pulling the black panties up your thighs before snapping pictures of yourself. You include a picture of you in a matching black lace panty set and he’s more than eager for your nightly Skype date that night.

Niall always wants you to send him pictures of the underwear you put on each day and you always oblige. One day after receiving his daily text of what kind of panties you’re wearing, you cheekily send him a picture or you completely nude. You phone is ringing seconds later, Niall groaning on the other side at you teasing him.

It’s been three weeks since he left for tour and he wants pics. You know he genuinely misses you so you oblige and send him a few suggestive photos of yourself in your underwear and a few of you in his t-shirts. Your face is cropped out of each picture and with some prompting from your anxious boyfriend, you finally send him a picture of you completely naked, you’re smiling face on display. 

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