He Thinks You’re Going To Break Up With Him

Harry: Harry notices you’ve been spending less and less time at his apartment lately. He finds himself running over every possible scenario through his mind and each time he ends on you wanting to break up with him. Later that night he shows up at your apartment to confront you. “I, don’t want to break up with you” you tell him as you take a seat on your couch. “Then why are you spending less time with me? You never want to do anything and you’re always doing something when I want to hang out” he shouts, tugging at his curls as he paces the hard wood floor of your living room. “I’m studying abroad this semester… I, didn’t know how to tell you. I thought if started spending less time with you it’d be easier when I leave in a few weeks but it’s not working” you told him. “You’re studying abroad? Where are you going?” he asks, taking a seat on the coffee table in front of you. “Italy” you say and he smiles. “So, you’re not breaking up with me?” Harry sighs and you smile while leaning forward. “Never” you whisper against his lips.

You had been distant lately and very quiet. Louis wasn’t worried to begin with, thinking you were stressed with school. As the days pass, you continue to grow more distant and Louis starts getting worried. You don’t answer any of his questions when he asks what’s wrong. You’re leaving early in the morning and returning late at night and Louis starts to suspect the worst. You had found someone else and you were leaving him. Turns out you were trying to keep hush about a surprise his family had for him and the only way you could was to keep your distance.

“We’ll be having some time off next week, would you want to come out for a visit?” Liam asks over Skype and you shift in your seat. “No” you say simply, tapping your fingers against your desk and he frowns. “Oh, are you busy with school?” he questions and you sigh. “Not really” you answer and he furrows his eyebrows. “Then… why can’t you come?” Liam asks again and you shake your head. “I didn’t say I couldn’t come, I said I wouldn’t want to come” you explain and he lets out a heavy sigh. You’re silent for several minutes, neither one of you acknowledging that the other is there. “What’s wrong with you?” he asks, pulling you out of your concentration from the work you were doing. “Nothing… why are you pushing the issue?” you question and he frowns. “Are you breaking up with me?” he asks and you sigh while pushing your books aside. “Why would you ask that?” “Because, you’re not talking to me right now and you’re being sketchy about not coming on tour” he says in frustration. “Liam, I just don’t want to come and see you for a week and then leave; I’ll just want to stay and I won’t be able to do that” you explain and he sighs in relief. “So, you’re not breaking up with me?” he asks and you laugh quietly. “No, I’m not” you assure him.

“Where are you going?” Niall asks, watching as you stand from your seat. “The bathroom” you tell him, clutching your phone in your hand before making your way through the crowd towards the back of the restaurant. He turns in his seat to watch you raise your phone to your ear, leaning back against the wall while talking on the phone. He sighs while turning back to the food in front of him, it’s been like this for days now. You disappear at the drop of a hat with one phone call, leaving him alone. “Are you breaking up with me?” he asks once you sit back down. Your eyes widen at his question and you stutter to answer. “You’ve been distant lately, you’re always leaving during dates so are you breaking up with me?” he asks again and quirks an eyebrow when you start laughing. “That’s my dad calling… he wants to bring my mom here to meet you. I didn’t want to say anything until their plans were finalized” you tell him, watching as he blushes under the candle light. “I’m sorry” he mumbles around a forkful of food. “No, I’m sorry baby for being sneaky. Let’s promise to not be sneaky anymore” you ask, sealing your deal with a sweet and saucy kiss.

You were getting a lot of hate from the fans and he knew that there was nothing he could do. Fans were constantly putting you down and telling you that he was better off with Perrie. He begins to notice that you were stressing out a bit. He sees you laptop on your knees, tears in your eyes and you look stressed out. He comes in the room sorrowful, starts promising you things will get better, and begs you not to leave him. You laugh and reassure him that you were stressing out over school and that you don’t even listen to the hate. 

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