Sex In The Car

Harry: You were woken out of a dead sleep by Harry shaking your shoulder. Rolling over groggily, you squint to see the time on the clock; midnight. You look up at Harry through clouded vision as he complains about not being able to sleep due to jetlag. He helps your tired body from bed, tugging a cream-colored jumper over your nightgown before leading you down stairs. “Where are we going” you mumble as he leads you out into the chilly night towards his brand new Audi R8 parked in his driveway. He jacks the heat up once both of you are seated on the black leather seats trying to stop your teeth from chattering. “For a drive, maybe it’ll make me sleepy,” he says hopefully covering your bare knee with his large hand. By the time Harry pulls his Audi back into the driveway, you’re slumped against the side of his shoulder watching his hands as they flex against the steering wheel. The two of you are silent for a few minutes, his long fingers still wrapped around the wheel and you sigh. “Tired yet?” you ask and he groans his reply before leaning against the steering wheel. “I know how to make you sleepy,” you say suggestively as you lean your back against the chilled window. He turns his head on the steering wheel so he can glance at you, eyes trailing over you as you shift your legs apart. “Oh and how’s that?” he smirks, leaning back in his seat as you climb across the gearshifts and onto his lap. “Take your pants off and I’ll show you” you mumble against his ear, grinning as he grips your hips against him. It’s too cold for you him to take your clothes off so he settles for groping you over his jumper as you pull him from the black trainers he had pulled on before leaving the house. His breath is ragged against your jaw as you drop onto him, circling your hips slowly until he’s struggling to keep his grip on your hips light. Gripping the door handle above you, you lean forward to press your lips to his as he pulls you against him faster. He shifts upwards, tilting your body back against the steering wheel as he drives up into you until you’re pressing your hand against the cold glass of the windshield. He moans against your neck as the two of you climax together, pulling you forward into his chest as you catch you breath. He chuckles against your jaw before he’s gripping you against him to slide from the car and carry you back into the house. “Plenty tired now,” he murmurs against the back of you neck, curling his body around yours as you fall back asleep in the warmth and comfort of his bed. It takes him weeks to wash your handprint from the inside of his windshield.

Liam leads you toward your waiting car, a huge smile on his handsome face as he waits by the passenger side door for you. “What are you doing?” you ask, standing behind him and he gives you a sheepish smile. “Habit” he says, running around the front of the car to the driver’s side. “Let’s see it again,” you tell him, buckling your seat belt as Liam pulls his brand new drivers license out. You lean back against the passenger’s seat, trying to relax as Liam drives the two of you to the bed and breakfast he’s booked for the weekend. Liam’s excited, talking about how amazing it feels to finally have his license before he’s pulling over on the side of the empty road. “What’s going on?” you ask, opening your eyes when he turns the engine off. “I think we need to celebrate, right now” he says with a smile, unbuckling his seatbelt while cupping your face to press his lips to yours passionately. He fumbles with your seatbelt, unbuckling it before pulling you over the console into his lap. You steady yourself with a hand to the window and the other to the console as Liam cups your breasts. He lifts his hips as you pull his jeans open, shifting as you lift your dress to your hips. He slides your panties to the side before slamming up into you, gripping your hips with one hand while the other grasps the steering wheel. You both chuckle when he pulls the lever of the seat, the seat falling backwards as you fall atop him. you gasp against his neck, calling his name before collapsing against his chest. “That was the best celebration ever” he breathes against your cheek and you roll your eyes playfully.

Everything is spinning as you stumble behind Niall out of the nightclub and onto the sidewalk. He laughs loudly as he grips your hand, lifting you up into the black van before pushing you into the backseat. The boys file in behind you, filling up the seats ahead of yours as Paul takes his seat behind the wheel. You’re not even at your first red light before you notice the boys nodding off against the windows or each other. Even Liam has passed out in the front seat, exhausted from a night of trying to take care of four drunk boys and their dates. The girl Zayn plans to bring home with him is a hot mess, passed out against the back of Paul’s seat. The entire cab is silent; except for you quiet drunken conversation with Niall. “Come on babe” he mumbles against your ear, nipping at the skin of your neck while sliding the hem of your dress up against your thighs. You giggle softly as you slap his hand away, motioning to Paul in the front seat and Niall just shakes his head. “We can be quiet” he promises drunkenly, leaning forward until you’re laying against the bench seat. Even in your drunken state, you’re nervous because one of the boys could wake up at any minute but as Niall pulls your panties down your legs you find that you could care less. He shifts back so you can undo his jeans and push them over his ass before he’s pressing your legs around his hips and slamming into you. You let out a strangled gasp against his lips that he rushes to cover with his palm, chuckling against your neck. “You gotta be quiet babe” he reminds you, rocking into you hurriedly as Paul drives through London. You hear music in the background as Niall continues thrusting into you, hips bucking as he nears his climax. You gasp into one another’s mouths, digging your nails into his covered back as you climax. He’s helping you out of the car when you look up into the blank face of Paul as he gives you a pointed look. “Next time, wait until you’re home Niall… you’re not as quiet as you think” he tells the two of you, helping Liam to drag the drunken members of your crew into the house.

Lou’s Porsche was in the shop for more detailing and a custom paint job. Harry lends him the Land Rover so Louis will still have a way to get around. It’s a Friday night and you join the rest of the boys and their dates for dinner. You’re wearing the black bodycon dress Louis loves and he can’t keep his hands off you.  After paying your bill, Lou drags you to Harry’s black Land Rover and pushes you up into the passenger seat before rushing around to the driver side. He speeds away, his long fingers tracing up your thigh before he’s pulling over.. “What are you doing?” you question, laughing as he climbs in the backseat. “Get back here, now” he demands, reaching forward to pull you in the backseat. Your dress is up around you hips before you know it, Louis pants around his ankles before he slams into you. He laces his fingers with y ours above your head against the door handle, pushing into you until you’re both climaxing. He chuckles against your cheek when you joke about how traumatized Harry will be when he finds out and you’re not wrong, he’s in disbelief as he makes the two of you clean the backseat.

Zayn: You slid into the car Zayn rented for the night, heading home from the boys 3D movie premiere. Zayn had told the driver to head straight home, leaning his head against the window as he takes in the sight of you in your red dress. He leans forward, pressing his lips to yours as he pulls you into his lap. You looked stunning and Zayn couldn’t deny the tingling in his fingers as he touched you.  You weren’t expecting Zayn to pull your dress up or shrug his pants to the floor before he’s sliding into you. you press your hand to the ceiling of the car, trying desperately to hold onto something as Zayn drives the both of you to your release. You manage to be completely silent but the driver eventually notices you on Zayn’s lap, he circles the block until Zayn tells him to head home. 

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