He Thinks You’re Cheating With His Best Friend

Harry: Harry watches as you giggle at something Will says, eyes lighting up in a way he thinks are to bright to be just friendly. His gaze is analytical as he watches everything that transpires between the two of you and before long, his mind has made up a dozen scenarios of you cheating. When you laugh again, Harry narrows his eyes before storming over to where the two of you are seated on his couch. “How dare you! How could you cheat on me… with my best friend?” he seethes, pulling you up by your arm as Will stands to protest. “He was telling me stories about the two of you growing up!” you defend, wincing and Harry’s eyes widen. His grip loosens as his eyes dart between the two of you before he’s let go all together. “I… I’m sorry, I… I thought” he stammers and Will just rolls his eyes playfully. “Mate, you’re my best friend since we were kids… I’d never do that” he assures him before slipping out of the house. “I love you” Harry apologizes. “I know… I’d never cheat on you” you assure him with a kiss.

While on tour Lou had told you that Stan would be staying at your shared flat for a week while he is visiting some of his family that lives near the two of you. However, when photos start to surface of you and Stan leaving the house together in Lou’s Porsche he gets a little suspicious but sets his thoughts aside. Until the day comes when photos are released of you and Stan, arms linked, with milkshakes in hand with large smiles across both your faces. Lou scanned over the pictures saddened by what he was looking at. He called you after he knew Stan had left your flat and asked how the week with him had been. You told him having another guy in the house had made you miss him so much more. You eased his mind when you said all you did was talk about the two of you and even got on Stan’s nerves at how much you talked about him. He smiled as he told you how much he loved you, not even having the need to bring up his suspicions.

Liam: Andy had called you early one morning asking you to come out with him while Liam was at the studio. He wanted your opinion on some new designs he had for his clothing line and you were always so stylish and fashionable. You agree planning a trip to Wolverhampton while was only an hour away from the flat you shared with Liam. You hopped in your car and made your way to Andy’s house. Andy had become quite popular thanks to Liam but you were surprised when you saw at least a dozen girls outside of his house. You pulled in as the fans screamed and yelled asking where Liam was as you walked inside. After a few hours of spitting ideas back and forth with him Andy escorted you outside giving you a peck on the cheek before getting into your car. Fans had realized that Liam was in the studio with the rest of the boys thanks to the 500 update sites on twitter. They began to tweet him the pictures of yours and Andy’s embrace and it didn’t take him too long to see them. Your phone rang while you were on your way home with Liam’s lovely face starring back at you on the screen. “Hello love how was the studio?” you ask him with a curious tone. “It was fine, what did you do today?” he asked knowing the answer ready to catch you in the lie he expected you to tell. “Well Andy called wanting me to come out and help him with some new designs for some new t-shirts he wants.” you say telling the truth. Why wouldn’t you? “Oh, is that all?” he questions. “Yeah? Why?” you ask with a suspicious tone. “Well I’ve been receiving a ton of pictures of my best friend kissing my girlfriend’s cheek and I was just wondering why that was the case.” “Umm well yeah he kissed my cheek but it was just a peck Liam. You know Andy. He would never come onto me like that and you know I would never go after him.” As he comes to the realization of the truth you’re telling him he apologizes for even having the thought of you and Andy together in his mind. You laugh it off and tell him you will see him when he gets home.

Zayn: You and Danny had been planning a surprise party for Zayn’s birthday, but to Zayn you were cheating. There were pictures coming in every day of the two of you out shopping and riding in the car together, as well as going out for lunch. Zayn couldn’t piece together any situation in his head where you would be spending any amount of time with Danny, especially several consecutive days so you had to be cheating. But once you revealed to him the purpose of your time with Danny he was very apologetic as he took a look at what the two of you had done for him.

Niall: Niall narrows his eyes as Sean leads you around the dance floor of his cousins wedding. He’s already had a few beers so the alcohol mixed with how stunning you look in your blue dress sets his nerves on end at your being in another man’s arms; even those of his best friend. He watches as Sean leans down to whisper something in your ear over the music, spinning you under his arm before pulling you back against him. You’re laughing and the bottle in Niall’s hand suddenly busts. He’s pulling you into his arms, shooting daggers at Sean before whisking you into the center of the dance floor. “Niall… really?” you chuckle against his neck as he grips you against him. “With Sean of all people?” you question again, pulling away to look up into his darkening eyes. “I’m a jealous man baby, even my best friend isn’t safe from that” he reminds you before leaning down to suck a mark on your neck, making it obvious to every man at the wedding that you’re taken.

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