You Smack The Hell Out Of Him During A Fight

Harry: “If you wouldn’t dress like such a slut I wouldn’t get so possessive,” Harry shouts, head snapping to the side when you smack him. The sound of your palm connecting with his face sends a sickening ‘crack’ through the living room. “Don’t you EVER call me a slut” you hiss, spinning on your heal before storming from the house.

“Liam, do you know how much this cost me!” you screech, holding up the Channel flats he ruined. “Ok, it’s just money. I’ll buy you a new pair, it’s not a big deal” he says absent mindedly. Your hand shoots out, palm connecting with the side of his face. “It’s just money to you… not everyone’s apart of the most famous band in the world Liam! I don’t have the money to just shell out for anything” you cry, storming out of the room while throwing the shoes at him you now can’t wear.

“I just forgot” Niall says, too preoccupied by his phone to even look at you. “You just forgot our anniversary?” you cry. “Yeah… I was hanging out with Demi at the studio and I forgot,” he says again, barely looking up at you from his phone. He’s turning back to his phone when you reach up and smack him so hard he drops his phone, the screen shattering before you’re storming up the stairs to slam and lock the bedroom door behind you.

“You’re such a fucking bitch!” *SMACK* without thinking twice your backhand was already stinging from its impact with your boyfriends face. With an unapologetic tone you reply “Call me a fucking bitch one more time Lou. Please”. He looks at you in complete shock not knowing what to say. “That’s what I thought; I’ll be upstairs when you figure out how to treat a girl.

 Zayn: “You know what” you boyfriend shouts “she’s better than you will ever be.” Without warning your hand flies across his smooth face leaving an immediate red whelp. He looks at you stunned half because of you smacking him and the other half coming to the realization of what he had actually said. You storm off daring him to bring her up again.  

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