You Have Sex In Public And Almost Get Caught

Harry: Harry pushes you against the sound box behind you, pushing your dress up your thighs before chuckling. “No panties?” he asks as you push the material of his stage khakis to the floor. “Easier if I just leave them in the hotel” you tell him with a cheeky smile you’ve learned from him. He grips the backs of your thighs while tilting you upwards to slide into you. As the chants of the crowd grow louder, he thrusts quicker until you’re gasping against his neck. The lights dim and you can hear footsteps coming towards you. Harry grunts while thrusting harder until you’re clutching the hair at the nape of his neck. You clench around him as you climax, your moans egging Harry into his own release as his hips buck out of rhythm until he’s emptying inside of you. He’s just pulled his pants up when the rest of the boys run up, clapping him on the back as the get ready to take the stage. “That was close,” you tell him when he leans down to kiss you one last time. “You’re fly’s undone” Liam tells him and the rest of the boys laugh.

Liam breathes out, turning down an alley before pulling you behind him. He pushes you against the corner, your body partially blocked by the alley wall as Liam pushes your dress up. “Liam, we could get caught” you breath against his neck and he huffs; he knows that but he just doesn’t care. “Don’t care, I need you right now” he breathes, thrusting into you as you slide up against the hard wall. You soon start to sweat for more reasons than the warm Spanish air as you climax around him, milking Liam into his own release before he leans against you. “I think, I don’t anyone saw us” he says, tucking himself back into his shorts and you shrug your shoulders while leaning back against the wall. “Don’t care if they did” you say breathlessly, giggling when Liam leans forward to press another kiss to your lips as a man in a Vespa drives by.

Niall’s eyes widen as you step out in the black lace knickers you’ve picked out at Victoria’s Secret. He glances around quickly before pushing you back into the dressing room, shutting the door firmly behind him. “Niall” you gasp with a smile as he pulls the lace from your body and shimmy’s out of his jeans so they can fall to the carpet with a soft thud. He groans against your neck while lifting you up against the wall before thrusting up into you. “You looked so bloody hot in that number” he tells you, shifting upwards until you’ve lost your breath. He hits the soft spot inside of you that makes you see stars, your eyes rolling as you clench around him. He grunts as you squeeze him tighter, breathing out against his neck as you come apart against the wall of the changing room. Niall gasps, grasping your hips as he pushes into your harder until he’s spilling inside of you. He chuckles against your neck when there’s footsteps, the door across from yours opening as someone tries a few things on. Niall peeks around the corner before shuffling back out into the hall to wait for you to redress. “Sir, you can’t be back here,” a sales attendant tells Niall and he blushes before walking out. “Yeah, we have to buy this” he tells you once you step out.

Today was your first day on tour with your boyfriend, and tonight would be the first concert you were getting to go to. You didn’t want to sit in the audience because you weren’t looking for any sort of attention so instead you planned on standing alongside the stage, behind the speakers to watch the show. You and Lou spent every moment before the show together, including the VIP meet and greet. Later on when the opening acts were on the stage Lou pulled you to the side. “I want you.” He said with a tone as serious as ever. “Lou it’s almost time for you to go on stage, don’t you think you should wait until we at least get back to the bus.” You say trying to reason with him. “I want you now” he says before whisking you away through the maze that was “backstage”. He wasn’t even looking for an empty room, just a dark corridor. “Come here.” He says whipping you around smashing his lips to yours. There was no turning back now. You undress yourself knowing it would be faster that way and turning around against the wall with your back arched knowing it would be easier for him to enter you. He grabbed a large handful of your hair as he usually did when he was behind you and entered your with a large thrust. Before he had time to pause to let you adjust you gasped out a “No, keep going now!” nearly out of breath already. He thrusted in and out as you moaned at how amazing he felt inside of you. He let go of your hair and grabbed your hips to thrust deeper. “Fuck Lou!” you shout as your screams echo down the empty corridor. You felt your climax approaching and Lou was panting so his was close as well. But just as you began curling your toes in preparation you heard the echoing of a faraway voice. “Louis!?!” Neither of you said anything or even acknowledge the soon to be approaching voice.  Lou panted faster as he thrusted towards his climax. You didn’t even try to be quiet as you reached your climax hearing the voice getting louder and closer. After a few more deep and almost painful thrusts he emptied inside of you leaving you as well as him breathless. It took a few seconds for you to regain the strength in your legs as Lou had made them go weak. You stood up to get dressed and just as soon as you did the voice turned the corner. “Louis are you down there??” they shouted. The two of you walked by still buttoning and zipping up your clothes leaving no questions as to what the two of you were doing. “Yeah mate, but no time to chat I’ve got a show to do.” Lou tells the man as you both run off laughing.

Zayn: You and your boyfriend had been given a VIP room, as requested in one of his favorite night clubs. You were out with him and his friends, ready to get loose after a stressful day at work. You all left your things in the room and made your way to the dance floor. After about 30 minutes of grinding on your boyfriend he began to make suggestive advances letting you know it was in the mood, and not for dancing. Looking around seeing that your group was still out on the floor you led him back to the room. You had officially made it aware to Zayn that it was going down in the club and he couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face if he tried. Just as soon as the door clicked behind him the two of you began to strip down as if it were a race to see who could get naked the fastest. He thrusted into you, immediately taking your breath away. You moaned as he laid you down on the couch and lifted one of your legs and rested it on his shoulder for a better angle. Standing above you with one knee resting on the couch in between your legs while his other leg was stretched out beside him Zayn thrusted harder. You didn’t have to muffle your moans because the music in the club was so loud it was impossible for anyone to hear you. This was good because Zayn knew exactly what to do in order to get you to moan and scream the way he wanted you to. All of a sudden the door handle turned and it wasn’t a second later you found yourself laying in the floor, behind the table, beside your sweaty boyfriend trying not to laugh. One of his friends had walked in to get her things. After a few seconds of searching (it’s a miracle she didn’t see you) she found what she was looking for and walked out shutting the door behind her. “We’re finishing this at home. Get your things, we’re leaving.” Zayn demands. You laugh, kissing him before pulling your clothes back on and making your way to the car.

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