Your Morning Routine

Harry: You wake up before him because your body is used to waking up early. You pad into the bathroom while pulling on one of Harry’s shirts before brushing your teeth and washing your face. Harry usually wakes up an hour later, joining you on the couch for a few moments before you make your way into the kitchen to fix breakfast. Harry spends the rest of his morning on the toilet seat, watching as you fix your makeup to leave for a day at university.

Liam is the first to wake, rolling out of bed quietly to let you sleep in. When you wake up an hour later, you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth and wash your face before going down stairs. Liam fixes breakfast and coffee and you watch the morning news while eating breakfast together. You give him a kiss before disappearing upstairs to get your things ready for university while Liam works out in the living room.

You wake up before him because Niall loves sleeping in, especially once returning from tour. You pad into the bathroom to brush away your morning breath and was your face. You set yourself up in front of the TV downstairs to do your morning yoga before fixing breakfast. Niall makes his way downstairs as you’re finishing up your yoga, sitting down on the couch as you turn the regular TV on and make breakfast.

You wake up every morning to your boyfriend singing Look After You when he’s away. It always wakes you up with a smile and makes you miss him a little less. More times than not there is a text message waiting for you when you check your phone. It’s always something sweet that makes you smile ending with a promise to call you at some point in the day.

Zayn: You don’t ever wake up to a text message or a voicemail from your boyfriend no matter what time zone he’s in. After your shower you always call him to let him know you’re awake. When he doesn’t answer, which is typical, you always leave a sweet message gushing about how much you miss him and asking him to call you soon.

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