He Compares You To His Ex

Harry: “God, at least Caroline wasn’t so insecure” he shouts during a fight and you stare at him. “I… didn’t mean that” he stammers and you pull away from him. “I’m sorry that hundreds of girls trying to shove hotel keys at you and throwing their panties to you bothers me” you respond and he shakes his head. “No… it’s just… Caroline wasn’t, it wasn’t like this” he tries to say and you roll your eyes. “I guess that comes with age” you jab, turning on your heal to leave. “That’s not what I meant. I love you and I love that you worry but sometimes, I wish you wouldn’t worry so much. I meant, Caroline couldn’t have cared this much if these things didn’t bother her. Just, call me when you get this. I’m sorry and I love you” you hear over your answering machine and you sigh before deleting the message.

“Danielle was just… better at this than she is” you over hear Liam sigh to the other boys. Your eyes widen as the boys question his meaning. “Danielle just, made more of an effort. She responded to tweets and took pictures with them… she just connected better” Liam explains and you turn the corner into the living room. “I don’t respond or tweet them back because all they do is send me hate and you’ve asked me not to respond to that. You asked me not to be like her, not to shove it in their faces that we’re dating on twitter. I do take pictures but I have a life, a real life with a real job and a real schedule. I can’t cater to their every whim like Danielle could” you explain, turning on your heel to storm from the apartment.

“She’s gorgeous, not like Ali but still gorgeous” you hear Niall say from the living room. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Liam asks and Niall shrugs. “Just that, Ali was gorgeous because of the makeup. (Y/N) is gorgeous because she is, she doesn’t need all that makeup” Niall explains and you sigh, the heavy feeling in your heart gone at Niall’s words. “Hey babe” Niall smiles as you step into the room, raising an eyebrow as you slide into his lap to press your lips to his. “I love you” you remind him.

“Eleanor never over shadowed me like (y/n) does.” He says to the other boys. He hadn’t noticed that you had woken up from a nap and was walking up behind you, allowing you to hear everything he had just said. “And how do I do that Lou? Am I too loud? Am I too much of myself for you and your image?” you question him. He looks at you stunned with absolutely nothing coming out of his open mouth. You walked off not even wanting to hear the explanation he was going to try to come up with.

Zayn: He had just flat out said it. “Perrie would have never done that.” You had thought your ears were deceiving you so you asked him to repeat what he had just said, and when he didn’t you lost it. “I didn’t even do anything Zayn!” you protest. “All I did was tell them ‘no’” you tried your best to explain. “Yeah I know you did and now I’m getting hell for it.” You had told a group of fans waiting on campus no to their request for pictures this morning. “I was going to be late for class Zayn!” you yell trying to get your point across. “I can’t help it if she has nothing else important going on in her life that she can stop and talk to every single person that walks up to her! I can’t do that Zayn I have to go out and get an education, and I can’t do that if I’m late to class because people want to fucking talk to me!” He hangs his head realizing that he was wrong to even bring her name up in your conversation.

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