Drunk Sex

Harry: “You’re so fucking hot” Harry whispers against your ear, the smell of alcohol puffing against your jaw and you giggle. “You’re hot too” you tell him, drunkenly fumbling with his pants against the wall of your bedroom. Harry struggles to pull the zipper of your dress down before he groans, gripping the top of your dress and ripping it apart. You’re too drunk to complain as he lifts you against the wall and slams into you. His thrusts are hard and fast and messy. He’s too drunk to stand so he tosses you back against the bed, before slamming back into you. His hips buck against yours as you call out his name, coming apart beneath him as he does the same. He’s barely rolled off of you when the two of you pass out and when you wake up, Harry has rolled onto the floor cuddling a pillow to his chest.

Liam was past tipsy, the drunkest he’s ever been but he’s aloud, just this one. The boys just won a Grammy and in true fashion, you’re all partying in celebration. Everyone’s drunk but for once, you’re the most sober one of the group, which isn’t saying much. Liam shoves you against the couch barely giving you time to react before he’s slamming inside of you. Liam isn’t always rough but when he is, he’s not playing around. He slams into you, unrelenting even as you moan in whimper beneath him. He drives you to your orgasm until you milk him into his own, spilling inside of you as his heavy hands hold your hips down. Tonight is no different. You lay gasping against the couch, watching as Liam traces the marks he’s left behind with gentle kisses and you smile; even in his drunken stupor, Liam always ends up being the sweet, boyfriend you fell in love with. 

Niall slides you up the wall of the pub you’re at, ripping your panties off to throw them behind him. The kisses shared between you are a mixture of the alcohol you’ve had that night and if one of you was sober, the drunk kisses could probably give the sober one a buzz. You giggle drunkenly as Niall thrusts up into you, gasping as he angles upwards to drive you towards climax faster. Drunk sex with Niall is the best sex because he’s even more determined to bring you both to climax before passing out. It only takes a few minutes for you to be panting his name, gripping him as you come apart before coaxing him into his own orgasm. He stumbles against you while trying to pull his pants back up and you laugh as he leads you back to where everyone else is none the wiser to what had happened in the bathroom.

The whole thing was sloppy, but you were both so drunk that it felt great. He thrusted in and out, occasionally slipping out and having to readjust himself. Sex while the both of you were drunk was very quiet; the both of you very focused. Once you reached your climax his thrusts continued to get even more sloppy as he finished inside of you soon after. He immediately collapsed onto you, both of you passing out almost instantaneously.

Zayn: Every time the both of you were drunk there was always sex involved at the end of the night. You would strip down as soon as you got through the door, barely remembering to close it behind you. The two of you were all over the place: couch, table, counter. Whatever the first usable surface was, you were there, spread eagle, waiting on him. He was never easy when he was drunk, it was hard and rough, but you were just as drunk so you didn’t even notice a difference. His thrusts were powerful leaving you to throw your head back to contain yourself. After the both of you had reached your climax you drag yourselves to the bed to pass out from exhaustion. 

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