Sex On The Tour Bus

Harry: You’re laughing softly as Harry nuzzles your jaw with his nose, tickling your sides with his long fingers. “Stop” you whisper as he pushes your shirt up below your breasts. “Harry… we can’t do this on the bus” you say, pushing his hands away as he shifts atop you. “You just have to be quiet” he whispers against your neck, pushing your dress up far enough for him to pull your panties off. “It’s too cramped” you complain, trying to shift your legs apart to allow him to lay between them and he chuckles. “I thought that the first time we had sex… trust me, we can manage” he says and you scoff while slapping his shoulder. You gasp when he thrusts into you suddenly, biting your lip to remain quiet. It’s a tight fit as he lays above you, and your hands reach out for something to grasp onto. Harry is unrelenting as he thrusts against you, holding himself on his elbows as his warm breath pants against your face. Your stomach starts to tingle and you gasp into his mouth, back arching upwards as you push him further inside of you. You clench around him as your stomach tightens before your climaxing clutching one hand to his shoulder while slapping your hand up against the top of the bunk as you come apart beneath him as he focuses on his own release. You trail your lips up the veins protruding form his neck as he grunts above you, one hand gripping your hip as he empties inside you. The air around you is hot and sweaty as Harry rolls to your side, pulling you against his chest as you smile. “See… told you we’d manage”.

Liam enjoys having sex on the bus. He loves that you’re both pressed so tight against one another, no matter how uncomfortable he might be the next morning. He shifts your legs further apart, your ankles hooking around his thighs as he thrusts into you slowly. He’s got one arm against the bed to hold himself up as the other grips your hip tightly. Eventually, he pulls you down the bed until he can lean over you, pushing your legs up until your feet smack against the roof of his bunk. You arch your hips upwards to plant your feet on the roof of Liam’s bunk, gripping the pillow behind you with your hands as Liam thrusts harder. He pulls your hips up against him until you gasping his name with your orgasm, milking him into his own climax. He rolls to the side, tucking you against his chest as you catch your breath. It isn’t hard to tell what went down in Liam’s bunk the next morning, especially when the both of you are worse for wear and soar. 

Niall chuckles as he pulls you onto the empty tour bus, pushing you down onto his bunk before crawling atop you. “I don’t see how this could possibly be a fantasy of yours” you mumble as he starts pulling your clothes off before shrugging out of his own. “Hey, I spend all my time in here… I’d like to christen it with you” he scoffs playfully and you roll your eyes but sigh as he sucks a mark onto your neck. He presses your legs further apart before thrusting into you, lifting your legs against his hips as he sets a pace to make things last. The air around you becomes warm and sweaty as Niall moves against you, shifting upwards until you’re gasping loudly while gripping his shoulders. Niall groans against your ear, whispering the dirties things he’s ever said to you in hopes to push you further on the edge of your release. He kneels back, shifting one of your legs back to your chest before he presses his chest to your knee and he’s sliding deeper within you. Clawing your nails against his upper back, you cum with a low shout of his name. Niall chokes on his gasp, hips bucking as he loses himself in his orgasm. He rolls to your side afterward, pulling you against his chest as he presses a kiss to your temple. “Are you finished yet?” Louis asks from the next bunk and both your cheeks redden. “Next time, check to make sure no one’s here” he chuckles.

You know you can’t deny him on the road so the two of you try to be as quiet as possible. It’s rather difficult to find a comfortable position in such a tiny bunch but when you finally do, there’s no stopping the two of you. Louis loves it when you’re on top, so he settles down on the tiny mattress as you climb atop him. You hunch down, palms resting against his chest as he bucks up into you. You keep a steady pace, rolling your hips in a way you know drives him crazy. He groans beneath you, leaning up to suck a mark above your breast before he gripes your hips. You plant both of your hands on the back of the bunk as he hammers up into you until you’re coming apart around him. “Holy fuck” he chokes, arching his back as he tilts his head back on the pillow and you trace his bulging neck veins with your tongue. His usual bright blue eyes are dark as he stares into your eyes as you continue to move against him, using the wall in front of you as leverage as you roll your hips harder. His eyes flutter, damp fringe sticking to his sweaty forehead as he drags his bottom lip between his teeth to keep from crying out as he spills inside of you. You collapse against him, body hunched over his and he sighs against your bruised neck.

Zayn: If sneaking onto tour buses was an Olympic sport, you and Zayn would be gold medalists. Zayn locks the door behind him as you rush off towards the back lounge, stripping out of your clothes as you go. He growls from the doorway as he sees you leaning against the leather ottoman, completely naked. His clothes join the pile of yours by the entry way before he’s pushing you further up the large ottoman, spreading your legs wide apart before slamming into you. He grabs one of the cushions, pulling you onto his knees with one arm while angling the cushion beneath your back before letting you fall back. You’re bent at an odd angle but Zayn has no intention of laying over you as he kneels between your legs, lifting your legs up to his shoulders before he gives a few trial thrusts. He adjusts the pillow beneath your ass until you’re comfortable, leaning down to give you one sweet kiss before he retakes his knelt position. He locks his gaze on yours, holding one of your ankles in his palm before he starts hammering into you. You’re gasping loudly as he switches between hard and slow thrusts, moaning when he thrusts upwards to stroke the soft spot inside you. Your legs tremble, back arching higher up as you orgasm, gripping the edge of the ottoman to have a hold on something. Zayn is silent for the most part, a few heavy pants falling from his parted lips as he continues thrusting into you. His eyes close as he reaches his peak, hips losing their rhythm as he spills into you. He drops your legs to his hips before leaning down to kiss your softly. 

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