The Media Finds Out You’re Pregnant Before You Get A Chance To Tell Him

Harry: “Harry Styles to be a dad. We have the exclusive pictures that prove (Y/N) is pregnant” Harry reads, looking up at you as you sit across from him at the kitchen table. Anne looks between the two of you silently, getting up from her seat to leave the two of you to discuss the tabloid in Harry’s hand. “Is this true?” Harry asks and you stare wide eyed at the photo in his hand. “I… didn’t want to tell you until I knew for sure” you admit and he drops the paper to the kitchen table. “It is true?” Harry asks, lips turning up in a smile as you nod. “How nice of the tabloids to inform me of all major events in my life” Harry teases.

“Pregnant… as in, have a baby pregnant?” Liam questions the radio host again. “Hold on” Liam says, pulling his phone out of his pocket to dial your number. “Are you pregnant, like pregnant-pregnant?” Liam asks, ignoring the fact that he’s on the radio and he’s live. “I’m… how’d you find out. I had a whole surprise thing planned out for tonight, who ruined it!” you exclaim into the phone and Liam chuckles. “The media knows everything babe… I’ll be home soon, promise” Liam says, hanging up before running out of the interview.

Niall stares at the interviewer as he congratulates him on your pregnancy. “Uh, what?” Niall asks as the rest of the guys turn to stare at their confused blond haired friend. “(Y/N) is pregnant” the interviewer repeats and Niall turns his head to the rest of the guys who shrug. “Excuse me” Niall says, rushing off stage to pull his phone out. “Are you pregnant?” he asks once you answer. “Yes… how’d you find out? I just found out” you tell him and he sighs. “This man just told me and I was so confused” Niall explains and you laugh. “Well, surprise” you sing and he laughs. “I’ll be home soon.”

You were about 3 months along and still planning the perfect way to tell your boyfriend you were pregnant. Your plans were canceled when the paparazzi followed you to the hospital and took pictures of you looking at your ultrasound pictures while walking back to your car.

Zayn: You had everything planned for Friday. You were going to tell your boyfriend that you were pregnant and it was going to be perfect. You had ordered a cake that simply said “Congratulations Daddy” with a bunch of baby decorations to surprise him. But when the paparazzi photographed you picking the cake up the day before the surprise, you had to tell him the new a day early.

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