He Takes Dirty Pictures Of You

Harry: “Please babe, just take your clothes off and lay down” Harry pleads, holding his new camera in his hands. “You won’t lose them or show anyone else?” you question as you pull your dress over your head. “I promise… you can even keep your bra and knickers on” he tells you and you lay back against the sheets of your bed in the black lace. He starts snapping pictures of you in your underwear as you lay sprawled out on the bed. He continues snapping pictures as you strip out of your underwear until you’re naked beneath him. He tilts the camera for different angles, trying to keep the nude photos he’s taken classy.

He lays beneath you as you straddle his hips. “You promise not to lose these or leave them somewhere?” you ask for a final time, hesitating on removing the shirt that blocks you from being completely naked above him. “I promise love, these are just for me” he assures you, leaning back as you pull your top off. He takes dozens of photos of you as you hover above him in completely naked, shots of you pushing your hair out of your face and leaning forward on his chest.

You’re standing in the bathroom putting lotion on your legs when you hear the shutter of a camera snapping behind you. You turn and find Niall with his camera in his hands, taking pictures of you as you stand naked in the bathroom. “What are you doing?” you ask as Niall lifts you up on the kitchen counter. “I’m going to be gone, I just want to have a reminder of what you look like naked” he explains, tilting the camera down to take photos of you in all your glory.

You had always walked around the house with as little clothes as possible, and Lou loved it. He was always snapping pictures of you as you pranced around the house in nothing but the ‘bare’ minimum.

Zayn: You slept naked and Zayn had no problem with that . Especially when he would wake up and you were still sleeping but the covers had fallen to your waist leaving your bare chest exposed. He always took this opportunity to snap a picture and save it for a rainy day on tour.

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