Request - Family Doesn’t Approve of You

Harry: “Harry… she’s on the internet” Anne says quietly, watching as you talk with Gemma quietly. “It’s just a fashion blog mom” Harry defends and Anne rolls her eyes. “H, we’re just saying maybe she’s with you to bring notoriety to her blog” Robin pipes up and Anne nods her agreement. They watch as you disappear upstairs with Gemma and Harry rolls his eyes. “It’s not even her blog mom, she just helps out. She’s not using me to get more people to see her blog” Harry says and Anne sighs. “If you say so but I doubt it” she says before walking away.

Liam: “Liam… she just doesn’t seem like your type” Ruth says and Liam quirks an eyebrow at his older sister. “And why’s that?” he asks and Nicola looks like she wants to be anywhere but at that table. “She’s not like Danielle. She just doesn’t fit with us. She’s in college for Christ sakes, she works at a bookstore. She’s awfully plain compared to Danielle” she scoffs and Liam’s jaw tenses. “She’s normal, so what. I didn’t know that her being closer to my age was a reason to hate her Ruth” Liam scoffs and Nicola shifts uncomfortably. “Do you don’t like her either?” he asks his other sister. “She… just doesn’t seem very talkative” Nicola says sheepishly and Liam sighs. “She was nervous to meet you. It isn’t easy for her, not with you lot still talking to Danielle, telling her how much you wish we were still together” he hisses, standing to storm from the kitchen and up to his childhood bedroom.

Niall: “She’s not good enough” Maura argues and Niall cracks his neck for the third time the past hour. “She is too mom” Niall counters and the older woman rolls her eyes. “She isn’t even Irish. I thought you wanted to marry a nice Irish girl?” Maura questions and Niall sighs. “I didn’t know not being Irish meant not being good enough for me” he scoffs, rolling his eyes and Maura slaps his shoulder. “Don’t sass me” she scolds. “Mom, you’re being ridiculous. You have no reason not to like her! not being Irish isn’t a good enough reason not to like her. Get off the stick you sat on” Niall snaps, jumping from his chair before rounding the corner of his childhood home towards his bedroom.

Louis: “She’s very….loud,” Jay answers as Lou beings to regret asking her what she thought of you. “What is that supposed to mean?” he asks. “She doesn’t keep to herself like El did, she’s everywhere  and always has something to say about everything,” she explains. “So you have a problem with her being outgoing and opinionated?” he asks trying to figure his mother’s disapproval out. “No, I’m just saying that El was…” she starts, trying to defend herself. “Mum, she isn’t El! She’s (y/n),” he says stopping her defense. “I know that, but Lou, if you aren’t careful she’ll be running her mouth about all of us, to everyone,” she says. “Are you serious right now?” Lou asks in protest. Jay is silent as he continues “You don’t even know her if that’s what you think she is going to do. She loves you and the girls as well, and just because she likes to share her opinion doesn’t mean she’s going to start saying shit about us.” Jay hangs her head, still in disapproval but in willingness to give you a chance.

Zayn: “Are you aware of what you girlfriend was dressed like today?” Doniya asks him while on the phone with her brother. “Ummm…no?” he says with confusion in his tone. “A slut, sorry to be so blunt, but she looked awful,” she explains. “Excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you are Doniya? That’s my girlfriend, and I’m pretty sure she can wear whatever the hell she wants to wear without having to have approval from my sister,” he rants. “She dresses like that all the time Zayn, you should say something to her,” Doniya continues. “Just shut up Doniya, she’s perfect, her outfits are perfect, and just because you’re jealous that you can’t pull off the same outfit’s doesn’t mean you have the right to talk shit. Goodbye,” he says as he hangs up. 

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