You’re Cheating With Another Band Member

Harry: You peer out into the hallway, glancing down the empty way before stepping out of your room. You hurry down the brightly lit hallway, holding your breath as you pass your boyfriend’s hotel room. The guilt starts to rise then, as it usually does but you continue on your way to the room at the end of the hall. You knock once, sliding past the dark figure into the equally dark room. The balcony door is cracked and through the stream of moonlight you can see the smoke rising from his cigarette. “Didn’t think you’d show up” Zayn says, taking a seat back on the balcony while you stay hidden in the shadows; One Direction fans are legit FBI agents in training, you aren’t taking another risk of being caught. “Thought you said you were done with doing this to Harry” he adds, putting his cigarette before joining you in the bedroom. You lean back against the dresser, stomach dropping at your boyfriends name because you should stop doing this to him; you should be faithful but here you are, in Zayn’s room. He steps into you then, his lean body fitting against yours and you sigh as he presses his lips to yours. You turn your head, his lips meeting your cheek and he sighs. “If you feel so guilty, then why do you do this?” he asks, pulling your nightgown over your head to let his eyes wash over your bare body. “I don’t know” you say softly, but that’s also a lie. You love Harry but Zayn; he’s different. He knows the difference between fucking and making love. He knows how to make you feel wanted, hot. His lips trail across your cheek as he pushes you back against the dresser top, his own fingers pushing his shorts down to his ankles. You tilt backwards as he lifts your legs against his hips, his silhouette dangerously enchanting in the moonlight. He thrusts into you slowly, leaning his forehead against yours as his warm breath puffs against your lips. You can smell the tobacco on his breath and the beer from earlier but it only eggs you on. You tighten your hold on his hair as he moves against you slowly, rolling his hips harshly until you’re gasping only his name. Your stomach clenches as you climax, watching as his eyes roll upwards and his hips jerk roughly before he pulls out and cums against your thigh. He cleans you up afterwards, watching as you slip from his room but knows you’ll return; you always do.

Liam: “This is wrong” you tell yourself, tilting your head as Niall rains hot kisses down your neck. “So wrong” you say out loud, sighing when Niall tugs your panties down your thighs. “You always say that” he mumbles against your stomach, dropping to his knees to pay special attention to the tattoo on your hip. “It makes me feel like at least I tried to push you away” you remind him, glancing down at him as he looks up at you. He grins, nipping at the black ink before standing slowly. He drops his pants to the ground before pushing you up the wall until you’re wrapping your legs around his waist. This is when you start to really hate yourself  because this is when you know you can’t stop. Any time before this moment, before wrapping your legs around Niall, you could stop; maybe. But now, now you’re too far gone and there’s no hope for you or your body. Your heart is with Liam, always has been and always will be, but your body is another story. In bed, your body is Liam’s. Anywhere else, it’s Niall’s. Niall doesn’t treat you like a doll, he doesn’t act like you’ll break if he fucks you too hard and that excites you. The thrill of being shoved against a wall with your dress pushed up under your breasts makes your toes curl and while Liam is up for experimentation, it’s usually only ever in the bed. So, here you are; pressed against a wall in a dark dressing room, arching as Niall thrusts up into your roughly. He knows how you like it when you’re with him and he’s more than happy to oblige. There are no feelings involved when you fuck Niall, it’s all about the act. He pushes harder, tilting his thrusts upward until he finds the soft spot inside you that has you gasping. Your toes curl as the resistance inside you snaps and you fall apart against him. He clenches his eyes shut, mouth parted open as he thrust against you almost violently as he comes into the condom he managed to roll on before fucking you. Afterwards, you lean against the shower wall after scrubbing yourself clean and you continue to hate yourself.

Niall: It’s pitch black outside as you sit in the deserted parking lot. And by deserted, it’s deserted. It’s in the middle of nowhere, one of those parking lots that you would easily see in a horror film. Your heart pounds when another set of headlights pulls into the lot, heading towards your parked car before shutting off. You watch as the driver’s side door opens, your signal to start moving. You take another deep breath, ignoring the sinking feeling in your stomach as you leave the comfort of the car your boyfriend had purchased. “Evening” Liam drawls slowly, watching as you climb into his lap before shutting the door. You sit back against the steering wheel, watching as he stares at you. Cheating with Liam has nothing to do with not loving Niall. You love Niall, immensely, but sometimes it was as if he forgot you existed. It was as if he didn’t see you sometimes. Liam, he always saw you. His long fingers trailed across your jaw as you shift atop him, lifting your dress before you lean into him. Your lips barely touch his, fingers pulling his from his shorts before he’s sighing against your skin. He thrusts upward, in no hurry to speed things along. Liam hips thrust slowly, rolling upwards until your fingers are flexing against the handle above you. Your whole body tenses as his forehead leans against your shoulder, gasps filling the car as you both climax. You stay in that position for several minutes, breathing together slowly until you’re sliding out of the car again. “You’re beautiful,” Liam says softly before the door shuts and you fight the urge to vomit.

Louis: You slowly walk down the hallway of the hotel towards the room that was not your boyfriend’s. As you stand in front of Harry’s door preparing to knock, the door opens for you. You glance down the hallway as you enter in. The curtains are closed and the only light in the room is coming from underneath the bathroom door that had been shut. You make your way to the bed as Harry climbs in behind you, rubbing your shoulders to loosen you up. You close your eyes and moan as his hands begin to pull off your shirt. You turn around to face him before crashing your lips into his. You lift his shirt off as you continue to kiss him fiercely. He falls back down onto the bed which leaves you straddling him. He unbuttons your pants as you roll off of him to take the rest of your clothes off, as he does the same. You climb back on top of him, as he slides his hard on into you, thrusting upward, making your throw your head back in pleasure. You ride him until he can’t stand it anymore. He flips you on your back and continues to thrust into you taking your breath away. There was just something about how he did this, that made you come back every time he asked you to. As you moan his name when you climax he smiles knowing he’s done it again. He has done what his best friend, your boyfriend, couldn’t do: make you scream his name without even trying. As he pulls out before he cums inside of you, he smiles out of breath and steps over to the side to clean himself off. You lay in his bed out of breath as the emotions being to rush into your mind. It never fails, just as soon as you and Harry are finished, you begin to think about Louis. He knows it’s time to get you out of his room at this point, handing you your clothes so that you can focus on something else. He never makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong, always wrapping his arms around your neck before kissing your forehead on your way out the door.  

Zayn: You press send on the message to your boyfriend telling him you were going out with the girls for the night and to not wait up. You drive across town to a parking garage to find a secluded spot to drop your car off at. Once you find a spot you press send on another message telling Louis that you were waiting for him. He shows up beside your car and nods you over to the driver’s side. The two of you drive in silence back to Louis’ flat. He takes the back roads as well as the back entrance to the complex so that the two of you won’t be seen. He lets you in the door and precedes to wraps his arms around your waist leaving kisses along your neck and jawline knowing those places were your weak spots, something Zayn had still yet to figure out. He lifts you up and carries you to the bedroom, still continuing to kiss you in all of the right places. As he lays you down on the bed, he hovers over you, starring into your eyes letting you know everything is alright. At his reassurance you begin to strip off your clothes, as he does the same. He crawls back over to you and thrusts into you with force. You could tell with every thrust that you were what he wanted, something you had never felt with Zayn. As he continues to thrust, you try your best to hold onto his back, but instead end up leaving scratches all the way down his back. He moans in pain as your nails dig into him but takes it out in his thrusts instead, which in turn causes you to scream his name in pleasure. As you reach your climax you throw your head back against the pillow to show Louis he is doing everything right. As he empties inside you his grip on your hips tighten. You moan in pain as Louis thrusts start to calm and he pulls out to lay down beside you. You lay there only for a moment before searching his room for your clothes. As you the two of you redress yourselves Louis walks up behind you, his hands around your waist. “You’re so beautiful,” he says kissing your neck. You sigh with quilt, as you turn around to kiss his lips, before he escorts you out of his flat and drives you back to the parking garage. 

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