Request - He’s Jealous Of Your Famous Ex

Harry: “He’s a dick” Harry mumbles, watching as Nick Jonas jokes with his brother. “Who? Nick… Jonas?” you tease, turning to your boyfriend as he slumps in his seat with his arms crossed across his chest. He shrugs, eyes narrowing as Nick gives you a small, friendly wave that you return. “Harry, he’s like… the poster child for bible school” you say but Harry rolls his eyes. “Whatever” he mumbles, flicking his curls to the side when Nick fixes his own. “Curly haired bastard” “Haz… you’re a curly haired bastard” you tease playfully, cuddling into his side to pepper his jaw with kisses. “You’re the only curly haired boy for me now” you promise, smiling when Harry relaxes against you. “He’s still a bastard” he mumbles and you chuckle. “Ok” you agree, smiling because only Harry would be jealous of Nick Jonas the Virgin King.

Liam: “He’s Harry Potter” Liam huffs and your raise your eyebrows. “No, he’s Danielle Radcliffe” you correct but Liam rolls his eyes. “Same damn thing” he mumbles and suddenly, it all makes sense. “Are you jealous?” you question and Liam scoffs. “Please” he lies and you chuckle as you lean into him. “You are! You’re jealous of him! That’s hilarious” you giggle, squealing when Liam traps you underneath him on the couch cushions. “Liam… why are you jealous?” you ask. “He mentioned you in an interview and I got jealous” Liam says and you smile, leaning up to kiss his cheek before taking your phone in your hand. “I love @real_liam_payne… he’s magical” you tweet, attaching a smiling picture of you and Liam to ease his worries.

Niall: “We don’t have to talk to him do we?” Niall asks from your seats at the MTV Awards. You look up from your conversation with Liam to find him glaring at Tyler Posey, your ex. “Niall… we don’t have to talk to him if you don’t want to” you tell him, rubbing his bicep and he huffs. “I don’t want to talk to him” Niall says, turning his head to give you a pointed glare because you’re still friendly with your ex. “He’s a freaking werewolf… who competes with that?” Niall mumbles, barely loud enough for you to hear. “You’re Niall Horan, no one can compete with that” you whisper against his ear, pressing your lips to his and he smiles.

Louis: “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Louis says turning around to block you from entering the restaurant. “What is it?” you ask looking over his shoulder. You immediately see his displeasure, your ex, Chord Overstreet was at the table in the center of the room with his brother’s band. “We’re going somewhere else,” he says trying to walk out. “ we aren’t. I love this place,” you say taking his hand and walking up to the hostess stand. Nash notices you first, but you shake your head at him, letting him know this is neither the time nor the place  for him to come up and talk. You had kept a strong friendship with him after you and Chord broke up, but tonight was not the night for him to act like your best friend.

Zayn: “Hey (Y/N), you look great,” Jesse says before turning to Zayn to shake his hand. You glare at Zayn, urging him to just go ahead and get it over with. “Thanks Jesse, but we’ve got to go, the other boys are looking for us,” you lie to get your boyfriend out of the uncomfortable situation. “Fucking wash up,” Zayn mumbles. “Zayn!” you say in shock. “Don’t even be like that, he’s a nice guy,” you defend. “He’s a douche from the Disney channel, and I’m still pretty sure he likes dudes,” he scoffs. You roll your eyes and take his hand, leading him as far away from your ex as possible.

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