Request - You Get Hurt And He Takes Care Of You

Harry: “Harry” you call out, propped up on the bed as you’ve been for the past week. You can hear him bounding up the stairs, heavy footsteps coming down the hallway before he appears in the doorway. “Yeah babe?” he asks, stepping into the room and you smile. “I, have to go to the bathroom” you say softly and he chuckles. He hurries over to you, helping you out of the bed before passing you your crutches. He waits outside the bathroom; entering when you’re done to pull your sweats back up and help you wash your hands. Your left foot is broken from an unfortunate run-in or run down with the stairs and Harry’s been left to be your handy maid until you’re better. He carries you up and the stairs, helps you change, wraps your cast so you can bathe (which he’s more than willing to help with), cooks you every meal, and drives you to and from school.

Liam: You wake slowly to Liam telling you it’s time to get up for school. He helps you into the bathroom and sits you down on the toilet seat. He pulls one of your face wipes out and cleans away the sweat and dirt from the nights sleep before tossing it in the trash bin. You watch him as he wets your toothbrush, opening your mouth and watch the look of concentration on his face as he brushes your teeth. He pours some mouth wash into your mouth, helps you stand and stands behind you as you rinse your mouth and spit. “How do you want to do your hair?” he asks, running a brush through your hair and that’s good enough for you. He helps you dress as he’s done the whole month and you realize just how much you love him. Both your wrists are broken from how graceful you are, after throwing your arms out to brace yourself from hitting your face on the floor. Liam’s been there the whole time, doing everything you couldn’t and it doesn’t even faze him.

Niall: You lay in bed, as you’ve done for the past week in complete agony. Niall appears, grocery bags in hand and he smiles. He sets them on the edge of the bed before pulling out the new heating pad. Rolling you over, wincing as you groan, he slides the pad underneath your spazzing back before turning the heat up to a safe temperature. He lifts you top to rub the topical pain medication on the bruises covering your ribs with gentle finger rubs before pressing kisses to your face to distract you. “Are you hungry?” he asks and you nod. He makes you something to eat, liquid because your broken ribs can’t handle hard foods. Later that night, he helps you into the bathtub and washes the day in bed away before dressing you for bed. After your car accident, this has been Niall’s life. Taking care of your every need and it’s something he doesn’t mind because for once, he’s the one taking care of you.

Louis: You had been told by your doctor to stay in bed for at least the next month to make sure the surgery for your torn ACL worked properly. You were miserable. You couldn’t stay in the same place for more than thirty minutes much less a whole month. Thankfully though, Louis was off for the month you were being told to stay in bed, so he was there to help. Without having anything else to do but help you he was always by your side. Literally, he didn’t leave the bed unless you needed something. He called it, “making sure you didn’t feel left out”, you called it lazy. There was so much that needed to be done that you couldn’t do, and Louis certainly wasn’t going to do it. He would surprise you on certain days though. He would leave you notes by your table for when you woke up letting you know he had went to the store for groceries, or to the pharmacy to refill your prescriptions.

Zayn: “Zayn!” you shout starring at the refrigerator door. Both of your hands were wrapped up from the scalding water you had burnt them with and you were getting frustrated. You had thought you could open the door this time, after many previous failed attempts days prior, but it just wasn’t working out. He walks into the kitchen and shakes his head. “Why don’t you just let me know when you want something to eat, you know you can’t open the door, much less make anything,” he says opening the door. “What do you want babe?” he asks looking inside. You sign in frustration and walk off. “Babe! Come on, it’s alright, I don’t mind,” he says shouting after you. You walk over to the couch and sit in silence. You hated having to be waited on. About half an hour later Zayn presents you with a plate of food. He sits beside you, fork in hand, and smiles. “Come on babe, you know I don’t mind.” You sigh in defeat and open your mouth as he begins to feed you your dinner. 

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