Request - He Forgets Your Anniversary

Harry: You don’t get a text, a phone call, or a tweet telling you happy anniversary. You’ve been with Harry for three years, you think he’d know when your anniversary is. You continue your day, thinking maybe he has something planned for later and it’s a surprise. You come home to an empty house so you wait. You wait for hours. You give up at midnight and shower before dressing in your sweats and crawl into bed. And then you wait some more. Harry comes home a few hours later, strips from his clothes and collapses onto the bed. “It’s been such a long day! I thought we’d never be done at the studio” he exhales and tears fill your eyes. He forgot. You roll to your side, back to him and you cry. “What’s wrong?” he questions, curling around you but the last thing you want is for him to touch you. “Oh shit… today’s, it’s our anniversary” he sighs, rolling out of bed as you continue to cry. He riffles around in the drawers before pulling on some sweats. “Get dressed” he tells you, tossing you your sweats. “Please” he begs. You dress in the sweats on the bed and don’t bother to brush your hair or wipe your face as you follow him to his car. You sit across from him at the all night dinner, sharing a large stack of strawberry waffles as he apologizes. “I know it isn’t much but… it’s a start” Harry tells you, sliding a ring box across the table and you set your fork down. You open the lid to see a platinum band encrusted with yellow diamonds and he makes you a promise never to forget anything ever again as he slides it on your ring finger.

Liam: In the four years you’ve been with Liam, you haven’t actually been with him on your anniversary. That doesn’t mean he misses telling you “Happy anniversary” on the actual day though. Until this year. You don’t wake up to the usual “Happy anniversary babe, here’s to many more” tweet and you hope that means its just coming later. But it doesn’t. He doesn’t text you and while you try to drop hints about your anniversary all day, he doesn’t take them. He’s on the other side of the world so he can’t see you as you crumble to the floor of your shower. You get that he’s busy but this our anniversary, you’ve been together four years; that’s hardly long enough for him to forget. “It’s you anniversary today mate, did you not tell her happy anniversary?” Louis asks and Liam face palms himself. He books himself a flight home despite management protesting and flies home. And though he’s a day late, you can’t help but forgive him when he has a dozen roses delivered every four hours until the whole house is filled with white roses.

Niall: When Niall asks you to come out for tour, you think he’s asking so you can spend your anniversary together. However, when the time comes he doesn’t even mention the two years you’ve been together. He continues the day as if it’s any other Tuesday and you shouldn’t be surprised. He’s busy, been busy nonstop for two years so you feel lucky he remembers he has a girlfriend. You want to say something to him but don’t, opting instead to keep quiet because in the grand scheme of things… a forgotten anniversary isn’t that big of a deal. He doesn’t cheat, he doesn’t beat you, he gives you anything you want, and he loves you immensely. “Happy anniversary” Liam says at dinner that night, watching as Niall snaps his head to yours and you blush. “That’s… fuck” he exclaims, knocking his chair back before rushing from the table. He returns several minutes later, a boquet of flowers in his hand and a gift bag. “It’s all they had in the gift shop” he says with a sheepish smile, watching as you open the bag to find a small stuffed panda and you smile. “Aren’t pandas forgetful?” Zayn asks and the table erupts into laughter. “It can be our anniversary mascot” you tell an embarrassed Niall, kissing him for at least trying.

Louis: You never actually thought he had forgotten today was your four year anniversary. That is until he sent you a text from the studio saying he was going out with the boys tonight. He has a lot on his mind, you get it, but you’d think after four years he would remember something as important as the day he asked you to be his girlfriend. Before you go to sleep you tweet out a picture of the date you had put a heart around on the calendar. With the picture you caption “guess some things are better left forgotten.” You fall asleep knowing he was going to be home late, if at all, and that he more than likely wouldn’t even see the picture. “Uhh Louis?” Harry says looking down at his phone. “Yeah?” Louis says turning towards him. Harry holds up his phone to show Louis the screen. “Holy shit!!” Louis says as his eyes widen. “You’re in deep shit man,” Harry says pulling his phone back. “Yeah no shit,” Louis says before getting up and running out of the restaurant. You wake up the next morning to an empty bed. You sigh as you get up, disappointed that your boyfriend had actually forgotten about your special day. You make your way downstairs, wiping your eyes as you walk. You’re in mid-yawn when you reach the bottom of the stairs and realize that your feet aren’t on hardwood. You look down to see that your entire living room floor has been covered in rose pedals. You slowly raise your head towards the kitchen and notice the light is on. You walk through the mass of red rose pedals to the kitchen and gasp. “Louis!” you shout running into his arms, not even paying attention to what he had done to the kitchen. You pull back to kiss him with a smile. “Babe, I’m sorry. I promise I didn’t mean to forgot,” he says hanging his head. You smile at him and begin to look around the kitchen. “Oh my God Lou what is all of this?” “It’s an ‘I’m sorry,” he says with a smile. You look around at all of the gorgeous bouquets of flowers, giant fruit arrangements, as well as a custom cake sitting on the island. “How did you..” you stare in amazement.  “Lots of phonecalls,” he says with a smile, pulling you in and holding you close.

Zayn: “Dude, isn’t it yours and (y/n)’s anniversary today?” Liam asks Zayn, while he and the other boys agree to extend their studio session for a second time. “Shit!” He says running out of the studio. You had expected him home hours ago and were sitting in front of a cold meal with burnt out candles. You get up from your seat, collecting the plates of food and taking them back to the kitchen. As you toss the cold food down the garbage disposal, tears begin to fall from your eyes. You hadn’t heard from him since his goodbye this morning but you never thought he would forget your five year anniversary. You clean up the kitchen and head to bed, not knowing when he was going to be home. As you make your way up the stairs the front door flies open. You turn around to see your boyfriend standing in the doorway holding a rather large bouquet of Plumerias, undoubtedly your favorite flower. You smile at him as he walks over to you, handing you the flowers. “It isn’t much, but (y/n) I’m so sorry,” he says giving you a kiss. You wipe the tears from your eyes and smile, “I love you.” 

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