Request - He’s Your Brother’s Best Friend

Harry: The door bangs open and you roll your eyes from the kitchen table. Your brother Abram bonds in, calling out for your mother and she squeals. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home so soon! I would’ve made your favorite” she gushes and you peer sideways to see her cradling Harry Styles face in her hands. He shrugs, pressing a kiss to her cheek before hugging your dad and then his eyes land on yours. “Still studying I see? Nothings changed since I left” he teases, leaning over to see what book you’ve got today and you scoff. It’s actually not all the great having Harry Styles in your house constantly. He’s kind of a pain in the ass and the fact that he’s too gorgeous to be real could have something to do with it. Abram met Harry when you moved to London, after kicking a soccer ball to the future pop stars face and since then they’ve been inseparable. “What, didn’t bring the boyfriend home this time?” you tease and Harry rolls his eyes before pulling something from his pocket and sets it down on your book while pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. “You know you’re it for me love” he whispers so only you can hear and you blush because this is what he does. He disappears up the stairs with Abram and you open the jewelry box to find a hand braided bracelet much like the one he wears and you smile.

Liam: Spending your spring break in New York wasn’t actually that bad. Spending your spring break in New York with his brother and his now famous best friend… a total downer. Jake doesn’t want to do anything you want to so you spend a majority of the time alone, wondering about the city with a bodyguard so you don’t get lost; at Liam’s request. “Hey” you hear and you turn from your spot in a boutique you obviously can’t afford to find Liam, hands in his pockets. “Find anything?” he asks and you chuckle, shrugging your shoulders while glancing around. “Like I can afford anything here” you say and Liam gives you a smile, one you’ve grown accustomed to. “But I can” he smiles, nodding to the dress you’d been admiring. “Go on, try it on for me” Liam asks, ushering you to the dressing room. “What kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t by you a few things every now and again?” he questions, handing over his credit card as the sales girl eyes him. “You’re Jake’s best friend Liam… I’m just his twin” you remind him but Liam shrugs. “Same thing, besides… I like you more, you’re prettier to look at” he teases, slinging an arm over your shoulder and the butterflies you’ve found come with his presence return.

Niall: “Prick” you hear downstairs, stumbling down the steps because it’s too early to be up on a Friday during the summer. Tanner, your brother, sits on the couch with Niall while playing video games. “Attractive sis” Tanner teases, pausing the game as Niall looks up. He looks the same, virtually, just older. His braces are gone and honestly, they did wonders for his teeth. He’s tanner from his trip to Spain recently and he looks entirely relaxed on the couch he’s spent so much time on in the basement he practically grew up in. You stand in a pair of Tanner’s boxers and one of his soccer t-shirts, hair a mess and glasses on your makeup free face. “Fuck you, it’s 6am… shut the fuck up” you growl tiredly, turning to march back upstairs and go back to bed but Niall stops you in the kitchen. “I got you this… in Spain” he says, passing you a hand crafted, green lace hand fan and you admire it’s beauty. “So you don’t forget me when I’m gone” he teases as you trace his name on the side of the black wood and you shake your head but kiss his cheek in thanks. 

Louis: He was always at your house when you and your brother were younger and now was no different. Whenever Louis was home from work it never seemed like he ever went home. You would walk down stairs in the mornings and see him sitting at your kitchen table eating breakfast, and you would walk back up the stairs at night with him sitting on the couch with your brother playing FIFA. When he was on tour though he always offered to fly your brother as well as you out to wherever he was so that he could spend time with his best friend. You used to take him up on the offer until fans started saying you were just taking advantage of their friendship. Louis never failed though to always keep you involved no matter what the fans thought. He tweeted pictures from your house with the three of you and always made sure you were seen with them when he took you and your brother out. 

Zayn: You walk downstairs of what was supposed to be an empty house to find your brother’s very famous best friend sitting on the couch. You brother still had at least three more hours of work before he would be home so you were very confused as to how or why his best friend was sitting in your living room. “He’s not here Zayn,” you say still confused. “That’s alright, I’ll just wait,” he says with a smile. “Well okay,” you say shrugging off his weirdness and walk into the kitchen for some lunch. “You making lunch (y/n)?” He asks from the couch. “What do you want?” You shout back. “Whatever you’re having just make two,” he says simply. He may be weird but at least he was easy to please. Zayn and your brother had been friends since as long as you could remember so you were very comfortable around him, in fact he was practically your second brother. All of your friends were jealous of course, but if they only knew what he was really like without all of the cameras and fans around, you weren’t sure how jealous they would actually be. 

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