Request - He Calls You Fat

Harry: “You’re such a cow” he shouts in the midst of an epic fight. Your eyes widen but he stands by his words. “I mean, fuck! Stop being such a fucking nag, I can’t fucking stand it! All you do is nag, nag, nag… if you worked out half as much as you nagged, then you wouldn’t be so self conscious” he shouts, tossing a table sideways. You scamper over the couch, launching yourself at him and attach yourself to him before pelting him with your fists. “You lazy, no good, son of a bitch!” you scream, swinging roughly at his precious face as he struggles to duck out of the way. “You crazy fucking cow” he shouts back, dodging your hits before you’re kicking your legs out and then your falling back to the floor with him atop you. “Stop it” he demands, pushing your hands down by your head and you resist the urge to spit at him. “Fuck you” you snap, wriggling out of his hold before storming from the home.


Liam: “I’m just saying… you don’t have her body, that’s what they’re saying” Liam defends and you scoff. “What’s that supposed to mean” you demand, crossing your arms over your chest. “You’re not as skinny as her, she was a dancer” he sighs, exhausted at the fight and you galre at him. You launch forward, connecting your fist to his face before wailing on him. He struggles to get a hold of you but you continue to punch him, scratching at him in anger. “She did choreography Liam, that’s not dancing” you spit, giving him a swift kick to the shins before storming from the house.


Niall: “Fuck you Niall” you shout, chucking a text book at his head that he dodges just in time. “Fucking cow” he shouts, ducking as you toss a flower pot at him. “Bitch” he hisses and you scream. You’re attached to him before he has a chance to react, swinging lefts and rights to his face before he’s pushing you away. “Heavy cunt” he seethes, struggling to push your off him before you kick him down. “Bastard! I fucking hate you” you scream, tears streaming down your face as you slap him a few more times before storming upstairs.


Louis: “You sure you should be eating that? I mean it’s past eleven,” he says acknowledging the Ben and Jerry’s pint in your hand. “Thank you Bob Harper, but I think I’ll continue with my ice cream,” you say dipping your spoon back into the pint. “Okay ass, I was just saying. Didn’t want you to get any bigger,” he says quietly. “Excuse me?!” You shout as you get up from the couch. “What the fuck did you just say?” You continue as you walk over to him. “Nothing,” he says walking around you. “Oh no!” You shout grabbing his arm, turning him around. “You aren’t going anywhere, what the fuck did you just say?” You ask again. When he doesn’t answer you backhand him across the face. He turns his face as a red mark immediately begins to show up. “Don’t you ever fucking say anything like that to me ever again,” you threaten before pushing past him and taking your ice cream to your room.

Zayn: “Well maybe if you weren’t such a fat bitch you wouldn’t have trouble getting into those jeans that I just bought you a month ago!” He says from the bathroom. You had been bitching about the fact that none of your clothes were fitting you the way you wanted them to and he had obviously had enough of hearing you. You sit in silence for a few seconds trying to replay what he had said in your mind to make sure it was what you had thought it was. Once you come to the realization that he had indeed called you a ‘fat bitch’ you storm into the bathroom. You say nothing to him as you stare pure evil into his eyes. You say nothing, you just raise your hand and leave a giant red whelp on his face. “You say anything like that to me again, it won’t be your face that hurts, it’ll be your balls,” you threaten walking out of the room as calmly as possible. 

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