You Get Injured And It’s His Fault

Harry: You’re running down path with Harry. You don’t do this often but he’s just returned from tour, so any time you can spend together you take. You’re not a jogger but Harry’s on an exercise kick so you don’t mind joining him on a morning run. You’re joking around, lightly shoving each other before you stumble forward. Harry watches, wide eyed, as you tumble down to the dirt path. “I’m so sorry,” he cries out, dropping in front of you as you roll onto your back. He gasps at your bloody knees and palms, helping you stand before carrying you to the hospital down the road.

Liam: You’re on TwitCam together, joking around and singing to the songs on Liam’s iPod. You end up in a wrestling match on the hotel room floor, laughing as you roll around. He pushes you forward a little too hard and your head smacks against the side of the coffee table, knocking you unconscious immediately and Liam panics in front of thousands of fans. He calls Paul, stands back as the EMTS are called in, and shuts the TwitCam once he remembers it’s still on until you’re taking you to the ER.

Niall: You’re playing football with Niall and Olly, kicking the ball back and forth as fans watch from behind the barricades. You’re not very good at the spot but you can still kick the ball to Niall or Olly and you can even stop them when they’re kicked to you. Niall kicks the ball a little too hard and had just the right angle and it propels through the air before smacking into your face. You drop to the ground, clutching your bleeding nose and Niall’s at your side instantly. “I’m so sorry” he stammers, holding Olly’s shirt to your nose as he helps you back into the venue towards the medic.

Louis: You’ve never been the most graceful person but Louis sending you down the stairs with an arm full of boxes certainly didn’t help your case any. You had told him three boxes ago to stop but he had stacked one more on your pile and sent you down the stairs. Moments later as you crash down the stairs he comes running to your side. “Fuck (y/n),” he says looking around at all of the boxes strowed everywhere and then back to realize that you were in extreme pain. You yell at him for giving you too many boxes and smack his arm out of frustration. He apologizes endlessly as he carries you to the car to take you to the hospital to make sure you hadn’t broken anything.

Zayn: He had taken your book out of your hands and ran off. You run around the house after him, cursing and screaming for him to give it back. It isn’t long though before your foot meets the corner of the coffee table. You shout in agony as you hop over to sit down on the couch. He comes back around to you as his smile turns into worry. You glare at him as he sits down beside of you to make sure you’re alright. Nothings broken, but you can’t walk very well, and rest assured that Zayn is going to be your personal assistant until your foot gets better. 

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